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Medical Storage Cupboards

Keeping medical supplies well stored is crucial both from a practical and security standpoint. With frequent daily use. Medical cupboards need to be able to stay secure and easy to use for a large length of time. Many medical cupboards come with a lock to allow the cupboard to be secured. Vital if there are many potentially harmful medications being stored. These locks can either be a cam lock with a bar that drops to lock into the frame or can come with a three-point locking system, where two long bars also lock into the top and bottom of the frame for further security. This is typically found on taller cupboards to prevent forced entry from the top or bottom of the cupboard which would normally be less secure.

Medical storage cupboards also come with stickers to help identify that there use for medical supplies and are typically painted in a white or grey colour. There a several variants of these cupboards and there are also special made cabinets for housing defibrillators as well as cabinets with vision panels so the contents of the cabinet can be seen before opening, acting as a view of the available medical supplies in an emergency and also a deterrent for thieves who might think there are more valuable medical supplies contained within. There are also specific medical cabinets with compartments designed to store medical uniforms such lab coats and other personal protective equipment, while still leaving room for other medical items.

Cleaning Cupboards

Primarily used for the storage of cleaning supplies and materials, cleaners’ cupboards offer a configuration that means that hazardous cleaning materials such as bleach can be stored safely while incorporating a larger compartment that means that means bigger cleaning items such as mop and buckets, brooms and vacuum cleaners can be stored. As there is no specific identification required for these cupboards, they are available in a large range of colours for both the doors and frames. Three-point locking is also available on these cupboards for extra security as well the option for a sloping top to keep the area where the cupboard resides tidy. Cleaners cupboards also come with a hanging rail to allow uniforms to be stored.

Gun & Ammunition Cabinets

UK legislation requires that all guns privately owned by permit holders must kept in a gun cabinet, a gun cabinet is an especially made cabinet with extra cladding and larger locking bolts that mean it’s much more secure then the average cupboard. These cupboards contain special racking to allow for the safe storage of shotguns and rifles as well as the necessary ammunitions. Locks typically found on these cabinets range from keyed locks to combination locks. Gun cabinets are pierced to allow them to be fixed to a wall for further security.

Key Cabinets

Perfect for applications where a large number of keys need to be stored and secured. These cabinets allow for keys to be secured and organised. Many key cabinets also provide a built-in checklist to allow the key removal to be audited and itemised. These cabinets can be sourced in several different sizes to accommodate larger sets of keys. There is also the provision to have higher security locks with options for both mechanical and electrical combination locks.

Specialist Material Cabinets

Similar to the medical storage cupboards, specialist material cupboards adhere to same standards as some of the other cupboards mentioned here with one particular caveat, these cupboards offer specific coloured panels to better identify which materials are kept inside along with accompanying labels, these materials can be:

  • Hazardous Materials - Identified by an explosive flame symbol.
  • COSHH - Identified by an exclamation mark symbol.
  • Acid/Alkalis - Identified by the yellow symbol of a hand and surface suffering from corrosion.
  • PPE - Identified by a blue label displaying ‘Personal Protective Equipment’.
  • Toxic - Identified by a white label containing a skull and cross bones.
  • Flammable Liquids - Identified by a red flame symbol.
  • Pesticide And Agrochemical - Identified by an exclamation mark on a red panel.

Apart from the colour coded doors and identifying labels, there are no distinct differences between these cupboards in terms of build quality. Due to the higher security risk of these cupboards containing harmful substances, they are also available with three point locking to secure both the top and bottom of the door to the frame.

Security Cupboards

These cupboards go one step further by offering more advance security measures with it comes to the overall construction and the locking mechanisms of the cupboard. These offer thicker frames as well as door stiffeners and three point locking under key. The shelves inside also have a thicker construction to allow for heavier items to be stored inside the cupboard. You will find that these security cupboards also have the same coloured panelling as the standard cupboards to further convey the type of materials that are contained within them.

Uniform Cupboards

These cupboards are set to be the used for the storing of full-length uniform such as protective coats, overalls and other similar garments. They share a similar feature set to the previously mentioned cupboards but come with hanging rails and sometimes with captive coat hangers to allow garments to be hung.


You can find steel cupboards in a variety of sizes to suit different applications. These can be full height cupboards which come in between 1780 and 1800mm high, around 900mm wide, and around 450mm deep. There are also low height cupboards that keep the same width and depth dimensions but have a reduced height of 1015mm. Some are also available in a smaller, wall mountable cabinet that is made from the same strong, steel construction.